Cottage on the Lake - Relaxing Nap Meditation

February 15, 2019

Take some time to get away to a cottage by the lake. Enjoy the sounds of the lake lapping the shore, song birds in the air and the occasional loon too.  This is the perfect short nap meditation to use anytime you want to recharge and rejuvenate.  Visit  for more nap meditations!

10 Minute Power Nap Meditation

February 14, 2019

Enjoy a nice relaxing nap in just 10 minutes anytime you want to recharge and feel refreshed!  Visit for more nap meditations.

Rain and Relaxation - Nap Meditation (no awakening)

October 5, 2018

This session is perfect for napping if you want to wake up naturally and not on a schedule or you set an alarm for when you want your nap to end. You can also use it at bedtime when you want to relax your mind and body before falling asleep. Listen to all our premium Nap meditations, visit 

Love and Relaxation - Nap Meditation

October 5, 2018

Take some time for yourself to let go of negativity and feel relaxed and loved. This powerful 7 minute Nap meditation will leave you alert and feeling great so you can enjoy the rest of your day!  Check out all our premium nap meditations at